A Very Wet Day in the Garden…

February 6th, 2011

The ducks in my sunken garden 'pond'

Well, yesterday was a very good day for the ducks!  As we watched our tiny creek become a medium river, its edges creeping up our backyard and heading for the back door the ducks took full advantage of the situation!   They made us laugh while we made preparation to try to stop the water from coming into the house.

our tiny creek becomes a river

My sunken garden acted like a sort of levy bank and the water all poured into it, filling it quite quickly and lapping over the steps.  Wick-Wick launched herself into the large pond with a great deal of delight, but Waddles, the older duck was none too sure at first, and stood at the top of the step making, ‘Well, I’m not too certain of all this’ sort of noises.  But Wick-Wick was having much too much fun to bother to listen to such silly advice and was swimming round and round her little feet paddling away, stopping every now and then to stick her head under the rather dubious looking water to see what could be seen underneath.  Waddles decided that no one was listening to her and she might as well join in the fun, and so stepped carefully into the now quite deep pond.  As soon as she did Wick-Wick layed her head flat on the water and charged Waddles and the next 5 minutes or so there was much splashing and feathers flying as they both raced round and round at top speed in the pool.

The ducks swimming madly in circles in the new 'pond'

Meanwhile the water crept, well, it was quicker than crept really, it had waves in it!  I think the sunken garden saved us really, or more likely we were just lucky and had a narrow escape.  But it certainly makes you even more aware of the terrible plight of all those people in Queensland and here in Victoria who have not been so lucky with the floods.  Watching water rise so very quickly is very scary!  I can’t imagine how very terrible it must be for all those caught up in more serious flood events!

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